Workshops and Seminars

Sunera’s workshops will provide opportunity for women to have a space and time that’s fully dedicated to them and their intention to learn how to create a feminine and elegant wardrobe as well as how to take care of their beautiful bodies inside and out.

Together we will learn HOW TO LOVE AND CELEBRATE OUR BODIES EVERY DAY with clothes and a healthy lifestyle.

Why to attend Sunera’s workshops for women ?


Sunera Style is a Combination of Style Coaching (aka Image consulting), Wellness coaching, Life coaching and Beauty tips that will make the workshops the place you want to be. There will be many guest speakers in the future to make each workshop unique and fun. We will talk about everything and anything that matters to women.

Together we will learn how to dress, love and celebrate the body you have and make the best of it. We’ll talk about clothes, shoes, handbags, make up, hair tips, and how to create a lifestyle that really makes you happy as a woman. We will explore all the avenues of how to become that feminine Goddess we all deserve to be. Most of all you will have tonnes of fun during these interactive workshops, because girls just wanna have fun!

Past workshops

Come and celebrate being a girl with us in an environment where you can relax and make a meaningful connection with women like you, laughing and learning from each other. During these workshops you will gain many practical tips and knowledge to create the wardrobe that really reflects on how both how beautiful you are and your lifestyle.

The Goddess within you - 30 day Lifestyle Makeover

The most exciting and fun workshops for women to attend in Vancouver. Start your New Year with fresh ideas !

January 17th  to February 7th: Four Sundays, Four coaches, Four fun, interactive workshops.

Your journey to becoming your inner Goddess.

Goddess logo

The Goddess Within You is a series of  4 transformational workshops for women who want more from life and who want to find their connection with their most feminine, confidant and beautiful self.

The Goddess Within You will give you tools to effectively deal with your life’s dilemmas. We will talk about Body image, Fashion, Make up, Hair, Health, Relationships and all the struggles women can face. You’ll gain a new found sense of understanding and confidence while having a lot of fun with women like you.

For more detailed information about the location and the price of  these workshops, please scroll down the page.

God may be in the details, but the Goddess is in the questions. Once we begin to ask them, there’s no turning back.

Gloria Steinem

Who is a Goddess?

Free goddess2

A Goddess is a beautiful, sassy, intuitive, lovable, powerful woman, who is always her authentic Self that she was born to be.

These transformational workshops will be about releasing old patterns that no longer serve you, bringing you inner peace and clarity while awakening the Goddess inside. It is about rediscovering your beauty, strengths, self worth, power, and your ability to receive which allows you to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Goddess – embrace the most feminine you NOW !

1st  WORKSHOP :  Sunday / January 17th  The Goddess look

Time:  2: 30 – 4: 45 pm

Coaches: Erika Dolnackova- Style coach and Life coach and Amanda Sellers -Make up artist.


Style coaching segment

5 basic elements to create a beautiful, feminine wardrobe to flatter your body shape and honour the Goddess in you every day.

*   5 most common mistakes women make when creating an outfit and how to avoid them.
*  Accessorizing – Double your wardrobe and utilize 100 % of your closet! Go from from casual to Fabulous in minutes. Learn how to combine new and vintage pieces to create unique and interesting looks.

Draw for a Wardrobe Makeover !
*  How to love and appreciate the Body shape you have: Positive and Negative body talk.

Goddess make up

Beauty coaching segment

*Beauty starts with smooth, glowing skin – Skin care fundamentals of a Goddess.
*Makeup 101- essentials in your makeup kit.
*Revamp your everyday makeup routine.
*How to effortlessly take your day look to night.

Plus a short presentation on The secrets of hair care you didn’t know about. IS Hair Salon in Yale town will let you on their little secrets to finish your look with fabulous Goddess hair.

  • 2nd  WORKSHOP : Sun / January  24th : Body of love – Your Fashion dilemmas solved and Wellness coaching-  maintain your healthy weight and speed up your metabolism with healthy eating habits. Your energy body and the Third Chakra.
  • 3rd  WORKSHOP :  Sun / January  31st : The Goddess in love – The power of Self Love ( Introduction to world famous Luise Hay and her work ) and Dating/ Relationship coaching. How to attract the man of your dreams NOW!
  • 4th  WORKSHOP : Sun/ February  7th : The Goddess within you revealed - New You, New habits and New lifestyle and how to keep up easily  – Celebrate and love your body every day! Ask the coaches – open discussion.

For more detailed information on the individual workshops, please scroll down on this page.

Where will The Goddess within you workshops be held?

Location: Exhale yoga studio in downtown Vancouver

Address: The workshops will be held in downtown Vancouver at 1083 Cambie St., In Yaletown. , Tel: 604-689-2446


4 Sundays: 17th of January, 24th of January, 31st of January, 7th of February.

Time:  2: 30 – 4: 45 pm each Sunday.

Invest in yourself !


Price: 45 $

2 for 80$ special : Bring your girlfriend and you will both save 5$.

Series of 4 workshops pass: 149$. To purchase the individual workshops or the 4 workshops pass, please e- mail Exhale yoga studio: or call 604-689-2446.

If  you have any questions or want to organize a workshop in your area, please go to contact us.

Included in the price of the workshop:

Every lady attending the workshop will receive a  GIFT BAG as a thank you for attending the workshop and deciding to embrace the Goddess in you.

  • ONE LUCKY LADY WILL WIN A WARDROBE MAKEOVER – 3 hours Style Coaching session with Erika (value of 100$) as well as a professional 14 day Teeth Whitening system.

Blueberry top

DRAW FOR THE BLUEBERRY TOP - one of Sunera designs as seen on this picture (75$ value) . This fun, colorful top will add playfulness to your wardrobe.

You will find MORE SURPRISE GIVE – AWAYS at the workshop. It is more fun this away!

Girlie Tea party: Tea and lite, yummy snacks will be provided to make you feel at home while making new friends.

Space is limited as I would like to give a lot of individual attention to the women attending, so RSVP soon.

2nd  WORKSHOP : Sunday/ January  24th  Body of Love

Time:  2: 30 – 4: 45 pm

Coaches: Erika Dolnackova- Style coach and Life coach and Alicia Charles -Wellness coach


Style coaching segment

Your Style dilemmas solved! -Express the Goddess in you through your wardrobe . Every woman attending will be able to bring one piece of clothing that she owns and loves and also one piece she doesn’t know how to wear . I will discuss these items, how to wear them according to your body type and the purpose it serves you. I will show you easy solutions to accessorize and style these items. I cant wait to answer your questions while having a lot of fun.

Life coaching segment

* Goddess talk – The power of affirmations to create the body you desire. I will introduce two books that will change your life as a woman. One of my favorite quotes is: “Knowledge is power, but only if you use it”. We will talk about daily routines to honor and celebrate your wonderful body.

New habits of Positive Body talk and how to keep them up.


Wellness coaching segment

* The missing secrets to speed up your metabolism and Healthy eating habits.
* 5 most common mistakes women make in an effort to loose or maintain their weight.
* The fast world we live in and the stress it brings: Reveal the calm Goddess within you.
Goddess inner strength and the 3rd Chakra- Your energetic body and its health. Realize your personal power.

Space is limited as I would like to give a lot of individual attention to the women attending, so please RSVP soon.

3rd  WORKSHOP :  Sunday/ January  31st  The Goddess in love

Time:  2: 30 – 4: 45 pm

Coaches: Erika Dolnackova- Style coach and Life coach and Anca Pietroianu-Life and Dating coach.

Life coaching segment

* The base of all relationships – Power of Self love ( introdusing teaching of world famous Luise Hay )
* Forth chakra – Balanced heart : How to attract loving relationships into your daily life.
* Feminine and masculine energy – Opposites attract.

Goddess in love
Dating coaching segment

*The Irresistible Goddess - 4 simple and powerful attributes of The Goddess mentality to attract the partner and life you desire.

* My Soul-mate list and The Law of Attraction introduction – Learn how to attract your dream man into your life.

* 6 secrets to writing the list and attracting your dream man into you life. He is out there, you just have to invite him in to your life and allow the universe to help you.

* My Soul-mate list success stories to inspire the Goddess in you.

4th WORKSHOP : Sunday / February  7th  The Goddess  within you revealed.

Time:  2: 30 – 4: 45 pm

Coaches: Erika Dolnackova- Style coach and Life coach, Alicia Charles -Wellness coach, Amanda Sellers -Make up artist and Anca Pietroianu-Life and Dating coach.


* New daily habits to continue awaking the Goddess within you in all areas of your daily life.
* New year, New you, New lifestyle - Celebrate and love your body every day !
* Goddess resources : We will talk about all the tools out there available to you to keep revealing the Goddess in you. The Support and information you need is out there available now. There activities to do, exciting books to read and Coaching resources available to you in Vancouver.

Reflecting time
Open Questions & Answers part: Ask the coaches about your possible challenges.

1. What is the most important thing I have learned during each workshop?
2. New Goddess lifestyle : What are the different individual new habits that we have introduced in last three weeks.
3. How do this new knowledge and habits fit into my daily life?
4. How do I keep my self focus, motivated, and on track with the changes I am wanting to make in my lifestyle?

Together we will answer all these questions and find the answers.

The Coaches:


Erika Dolnackova

Fashion designer, Style coach and Life coach

Erika was born in Slovakia, a small country in Eastern Europe. She spent the last 10 years living and working in Vancouver. She is a passionate and creative Fashion designer, Style coach and founder of Sunera- Style coaching company based in Vancouver. She uses  life-coaching techniques in the process of creating fresh styles for her clients. This unique approach of combining Image consulting with Life coaching helps create more profound results and true confidence for women. Styling is something that comes very naturally to her and it makes her incredibly happy to make other women feel beautiful and good about themselves, inside and out.

Amanda Sellers

Amanda Sellers

Make up artist

Amanda Sellers, is the owner and operator of Look So Beautiful Make up. She graduated with honors from the Blanche Macdonald Make up Academy. She now specializes in mobile services in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. Amanda’s popularity comes from her undeniable talent to create a fresh, modern, and beautiful looks that lasts all day long.

Life coach

Anca Pietroianu

Life and Dating coach

Anca spent her high school years as a shy, introverted girl with no clear goals and aspirations. She realized that the lack of focus was making it hard for her to succeed in life. It took several years, a strong commitment to personal growth, and a burning desire to raise her standards to create her own lifestyle transformation.
Today she’s a confident leader and with a clear vision, who’s determined to make the world a better place –-one person and one relationship at a time.
As an expert of social interactions and female psychology she has contributed to the lives of men and women of all ages – both in Canada and Europe. She plays an instrumental role in empowering people to achieve their desires and aspirations.

Wellness coach

Alicia Charles

Wellness coach

Alicia is a Holistic Health Practitioner and Wellness Coach. She believes that the key to true health and wellness lies in living a life of balance. She sees people as whole, multifaceted beings, and believes that to achieve perfect health and wellness you must look at our whole selves: body, mind and soul. Alicia is also a mom and a professional model.

More future workshops and events 


  • Spring Cleaning clothing swaps.
  • More Style Coaching workshops in months to come.

The details on all of these events will be updated soon. It is going to be an exciting year ladies !