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I tend to agree with Oprah. Many women feel like they never have anything to wear. As far as stylists go, she is the best!

It’s amazing what Erika did in an hour. She is ahead of the curve. Reclaim your closet, your time, not to mention money. Try her!

I travel a lot and packing has never been easier than now. Simplify and simply fly. Less is more.

Why not to feel your best!

Kari-Ann, actor and business owner,Vancouver,BC


Sarah has attended The Goddess Within You – Style coaching workshops and also experienced one on one Style coaching services with Erika.


I am exceptionally grateful to you Erika for the help that you have given me. I found her workshops and her one on one help to be the perfect blend of advice and inspiration.

To be honest, the whole thing was quite out of my comfort zone. I thought I was just going to learn some perhaps rather superficial style tips, but it was far more than that. It was the first time I actually truly thought about how my attitude towards life and myself influence what I wear and vice versa. Erika opened the door for me to look at and change deeply held habits and beliefs. I appreciate the insights she was able to offer me within such a short space of time. It is rare indeed to meet someone who can help you see what might not be serving you anymore. I have greatly appreciated both Erika’s professionalism and obvious love of her job, but also her kindness.
Yes, my closet has changed for the better, but more importantly I have begun to look at the reasons I was holding myself back from making the changes I have long wanted to. Erika’s help with my closet initiated the process of me being honest with myself about the other areas of my life that are outdated and stuck – in particular my emotional eating. I feel she gently nudged me onto the path of real change in many areas and I am so deeply and profoundly grateful for that!



Erika did an amazing job of helping me get my closet in order! Now I look at my clothes and am almost overwhelmed by the possibilities. Erika has re-invented my old look by showing me what looks great on my body and helping me find items that explosively compliment my existing wardrobe. She truly has a love for fashion and style and it shows in her energy. On top of this she has a great work ethic, is honest and very positive. I am very satisfied with her services and would highly recommend her if you need help in improving your self image!!

Sophie Ghebremichael
Vancouver, BC, Canada


Vancouver, image consulting

Style coaching with Erika really was a girl’s dream!

Erika went through all of my clothes and accessories and suggested many new ways how to match and coordinate my clothes.
She gave me new ideas of using belts and accessories to accessorize my look. I felt like I went on a big shopping spree without spending any money!
We took pictures of every coordinated outfit we tried on, so that I can refer to them later. I use them every morning when I have no idea what to wear.
Friends started to tell me what a cute dresser I was and how they liked my clothes although I haven’t bought any new clothes!

Thank you Erika!!



Excellent experience! I found Erica genuinely interested and understanding of my lifestyle and the look I want to achieve.
Erica’s advice was very helpful with regards to analyzing the items in my wardrobe and also how to wear them in the future. She helped me to select outfits for my auditions which definitely helped me to get into the right character for different parts.
Erika showed me not only what colors work well with my skin tone but what shades within a colors works best. How to mix and match and which styles are best for my physique.
Last but not least I also purchased some of Erica’s designs. I have gotten so many compliments on her dresses thanks to their originality and perfect fit. I cant wait for more of her creations.
I would highly recommend looking into her services if you are searching for your lost identity or just want to refresh and spice up your current look. She is the blast to work with.

Lucia Oskerova, model and actor, Vancouver, BC



Erika gave me a new way of looking at things that I was missing out on in life because of my way of thinking. She not only gave me a new closet, she gave me a new way of life that makes me happy. She walked me through my old prejudices about comfort and shopping and made me comfortable with the idea of having fun while choosing stylish wardrobe.
Now I feel confident, beautiful and HAPPY!
Thanks Erika!

Ana’s Transformation

After looking into Ana’s closet I realized she needed to refresh her look with some new,more up to date wardrobe that would serve her as a Holistic Practitioner and Business owner much better. So off we went for a little trip to Winners. (I love this store! and how much money you can save here while purchasing quality clothing)

Image consulting ,vancouver


New professional look

These two looks are so simple, elegant and professional. They also are practical as Ana travels to her customers sometimes. The green color is complimenting Ana skin tone and brightens her up as well.These outfits really elongates her silhouette and makes her look taller.Less is more when it comes to professional looks.



Use your colors well!

Using bright colored accessories like this beautiful tangerine scarf can add visual interest to the outfit? and also refresh your look when you look feel little tired having a long day at work.





Cover up, stay warm but stylish .

You can never have enough coats and sweaters living in Vancouver. These two pieces are the right cuts and style for Ana’s petite figure. Comfortable doesn’t have to be frumpy. You can look elegant on the rainy days too!

So happy to go home !

I guess her face gives it away.It was very successful shopping trip.