Services and prices

Sunera offers many different Style coaching services in two main categories:

  1. One on one Style Coaching which includes Closet review, Body Type analysis and Styling tips, Personal Shopping and Follow up consultation
  2. Group Style coaching – Workshops ans seminars

For details on these services, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Is your closet an unhappy and place to be?

BCP711-55 How well is your wardrobe serving you and your goals and dreams in life? Many women feel frustrated and uninspired every morning trying to get ready for their day. This is unnecessary stress that you can avoid. You can create wardrobe you truly desire and enjoy your mornings.

Do you think you would benefit from having a Style Coach (aka Image consultant) to help you and teach you about what works and what doesn’t and simplify your life? If the answer is Yes, don’t wait and Book your First FREE consultation with Erika.

When you look good, you feel good. It’s an easy recipe for happiness.

Sunera’s amazing, affordable First time client offer !

ispc0490163 hours CLOSET DETOX for only 167 $. Style coaching should be as affordable as your next trip to a hairdresser, so anyone can benefit from great wardrobe. For more details about this offer,please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Please, see the testimonials page to see how much some of my clients benefit from New,Fresh Style.

So don’t wait and contact Erika about the First time client offer to find out about the next available Style coaching session.

As your Style Coach I will set our goals for your transformation based on your personal goals and I will tailor my approach to achieve these goals to your individual needs and style. I will speak to your strengths and weaknesses, encourage and adore you while giving you honest, constructive feedback.

Benefits of Style coaching

  • 200296549-001Cut the clutter and Detox your Closet as well as Your Life. We all have emotional attachments to the things we own representing our past, whatever it is, clothes especially. The thing is, you should love who you are now because that’s all there ever really is. It’s time to learn to adore the present you. Do it with your wardrobe! You will never go back once you will realize just how beautiful you are. Little Style Coaching will go a long way.Life is constant growth and change.Out with the old, in with the new you!
  • Save your money. Getting a new wardrobe doesn’t have to be expensive : just get creative. Why buy new clothes if you can repurpose what you own by learning how to pair up the pieces you already have and accessorize your outfits to spice things up and Double your wardrobe. Refresh your wardrobe with adding a few new pieces and a trip to tailor to fit your clothes to your body type. Creating balance and a sexy silhouette is easier than you think. Think about your new wardrobe as an investment. If done right, your wardrobe can became a tool to attain the life you always wanted faster. Especially for you, single ladies.
  • Save your time ! .”Knowledge is power” is one of my favorite quotes. Style coaching is a way of educating your self to shop more consciously and less impulsively.Get the right thing the first time around and make serious effort to reuse what you already have. All you need to know is what works for you and stick to it.
  • Felling great and confidant every time you put your clothes on is something money can’t buy. Being completely happy and satisfied with your personal style and knowing is it aligned with who you truly are is the biggest style coaching benefit of all.So don’t hesitate and book your first complimentary style coaching consultation now.

Style Coaching services and prices:

Excited to find out what’s the hottest version of you? Lets get started and book your first free Style Coaching session.

1.First Consultation (30 min)- Free.

Through my unique 2 Step Get clear and move forward first consultation I will help you to :


  • Clarify what kind of relationship you currently have with Your Body Image as well as what Personal Style means to you.
  • Identify the purpose for your wardrobe and establish our goals for the next sessions based on your personal goals and wishes always keeping your current lifestyle in mind. It’s the first step you will take forward -towards your New Style to fit who You Truly Are. I dare you to take this step. It is very exciting.

“I’m sweet, romantic and traditional. I’m a bit prissy and naive, and I wont settle for less than a picture perfect life.”

Kristin Davis as Charlotte York.

I love this quote and I agree. Clarify who you truly are and what you want from life and never settle for second best. Your happiness is way to important not to do so.

2. Closet Detox. First time clients Offer- 167$

This offer includes 3 hours of Style Coaching . In these 3 hours we will do:

  • 200296550-001 Closet Review¬†and take a look at your current Style and how well is your wardrobe serving your personal lifestyle.

As your Style Coach I will set our goals for your transformation based on your personal goals and I will tailor my approach to achieve these goals to your individual needs and lifestyle.

  • Discuss Body Image and remove items that don’t serve you personal goals in life.
  • I will show you how to Create Visual Balance and Beautiful, Feminine Silhouette using the pieces you already own. You will learn what works and what doesn’t according to your unique body shape.
  • You will Learn How To Accessorize to add visual interest to your outfits and make them unique to fit your personality.
  • We also will decide on how to Refresh Your Closet by adding new pieces and adjusting your current wardrobe (tailoring) to make sure it is the perfect fit for Your Body Type.
  • You New Look Portfolio. During this time we will have together will will create outfits for different occasions. You will select one area of your life where you could really benefit from your new look and I will create at least 10 outfits (or as many as our time together will allow) for this area of your life as we will work together. Pictures of these outfits will be taken and later e-mailed to you to use as a guide lines in the future.

3. Hourly rates for Additional Style coaching- 60$ /hour (2 hours min.)

Book additional Style coaching based on your individual needs. Custom quotes available. Anything is possible, all you need to to is make a wish.

Choose from:

  1. Additional Closet Detox
  2. Personal Shopper services
  3. Special occasion Styling
  4. Or any other Individual needs you have. It’ s all about you.