LOL dress

This is my form of  promoting recycling. Top, fun part of the dress is one of those shirts that I both couple of years ago, never worn, sitting in my closet. I really liked the print, but that was all. I m sure a lot of women can relate to this. It took some work, but once i started to cut I couldn’t stop, I was so excited to see the dress finished. So if you have couple of shirts that you never wear in your own closet, don’t be sad. There is a light at the end of your dark closet. Keep what you like,let me make into something amazing and let the rest of it go.

The materials used are all cotton and black lace to spice things up. Sooo comfortable and soft.

Sold. But don’t worry,I m sure there is a shirt in your closet that you would love to safe. So go dig in your closet. Its full of treasures. Please, go to contact us if you are interested in reworking your treasures.


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