Giving and receiving Love

There is a saying : ” You cant give something you don’t have”. In order for us to be able to give love we have to love our selves first.

Law of attraction, relationships

We all want to be loved by someone who loves as just as we are. Yet so many people have a such high expectations on how they have to look, how successful they have to be or how thin they should be in order to be a person that someone could fall in love with. Today’s media and the search for perfection doesn’t help us feel like we will ever get there either.
Law of Attraction says: like energies attract.

We have to feel loved, before we can attract love.

Are you a good receiver of love?

Law of attraction, relationships

I was out with a few of my good friends last night. It was girls night and we were catching up as usual. The five of us were talking about everything – man, work, and also family and never really behaving kids. I personally don’t have children yet, but I m in a very fulfilling relationship. One of us was pretty quiet most of the time as she really haven’t experienced being in a happy relationship yet and has made an assumption that she will most likely never merry or have children.For a few minutes we have even discussed the option of adoption for her to be able to be a mom. It was braking my heart. Don’t get me wrong, I think adoption is a wonderful thing as there are so many children needing to be loved and taken care of, but I was sad that my friend was giving up on love for her self.

Lets call my friend Jenny. As long as I could remember she struggled with her weight and I have never heard her saying :” I like my body.” We now know each other for 25 years. The whole evening I have not heard her saying something that would indicate a loving relationship she would have with her own self. I tried to give her compliments, not a pity, but to make her see that she deserves them. “I like your top “I said. Her reaction was : “Ohhhh, it’s so old and it stretched out”. Then I attempted to tell her, that I like her hair color. She really looks better now, when she is a blond. Her reaction:” Its so dry from the coloring, I don’t know what to do with it”.I wanted to tell her: “Just say thank you and take it in, please.” This task was impossible for her.

Jenny is a wonderful, caring, loving, funny and in my opinion attractive girl, but feeling loved is something she experiences so little, mostly because she is having such a hard time trying to find the reason why a man would love her. In a mean while, her habits of self criticism and and her poor ability to receive any form of love are keeping her in the place of hopelessness that she will never have a “normal”, happy life.

The importance of practicing to receiving love.

the law of attraction, receiving

The good thing is that the universe will never give up on us and it presents us with never ending¬† opportunities to have what we desire. At the end of the evening my friend Jenny said that her neighbor asked her if her apartment was available to rent for 10 days. She has a daughter coming to town to visit with her husband and needs a place to stay for them as her apartment is too small. Jenny’s neighbor noticed that she is not staying at the apartment very much and thought it would be wort asking . Just like any young woman, my fiend Jenny could use the extra money, but when she was asked about the renting opportunity, she never discussed the price of this 10 day stay at her apartment. All she said to me was:” I said Yes, absolutely !¬† I hope the neighbor will pay in the end. I ll leave it up to her”. To make it clear, my friend and her neighbor have never really spoken before.

To me this was an opportunity TO RECEIVE that my friend was facing and she was not realizing it at all again. Money is love energy (at least that’s my understanding) and it is as an important to know how to receive it as it is TO GIVE.

Is your giving and receiving of love balanced out?

The signs that you maybe a poor receiver of love:

  • You don’t take compliments very well. In fact, they make you uncomfortable.
  • You tent to refuse any kind of help, not wanting to bother people or take their time or money.
  • You are independent. You never ask for help.
  • You have a hard time asking for the things you want.
  • You have to work hard for things before you deserve them. Unexpected gifts make you uncomfortable.
  • You are a polite person. You always say: “NO, Thank you”.
  • Life seams to be hard and it’s only getting worse.
  • You could call your self unlucky.

If you are displaying any of these symptoms, its time to CONSCIOUSLY START PRACTICING RECEIVING .


Take it in and soak it up. How good can you take it?


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