Fun with fabrics

I really enjoy my self lost in the fabric stores picking out the brightest colored threads and interesting looking, very often  vintage inspired buttons.I can spend hours just looking at fabrics and going through all the images of different dresses and tops or bags, that are suddenly showing up in my mind. Sometimes I have run to the closest coffee shop so I can sit down and try to catch these thoughts and draw the images down in my sketchbook. Its like a sugar high except I m not eating chocolate but buying colorful,exciting  fabrics.

Many shades of green

My favorite color.I heard the color of the heart chakra.

This interesting mixture of vintage scarfs and fabrics is so beautiful.I guess you get it now.I love green.I really do.

Making a statement with a make up bag

This was a little fun project-Birthday present for a friend. I love making presents for my friends and exploring my skills and creativity.  I have never before put in a zipper, so I was very proud of my self. That worked out nicely and my girlfriend loved it.


What would I be with out those. When I pick them to be apart of my designs,many times they are to be seen to make the item more interesting. I like to collect them because there seems to be like million shades of an amazing bright colors.

This is what home is for a girl. Shoes,shoes,shoes!

Whoever said :”Girl can never have enough shoes” was sooooo right. No one could doubt that this is a girl’s place. At least I try to keep things organized. It helps to find the pair you love today faster.


I’ d like to experiment with printing much more in the future. Its a great way to personalize the designs.          I have a lot to learn in this area when it comes to the techniques, but the fact that I m a painter is making this very appealing and easy at the same time.