Custom made design

Celebrate Your Unique Body Shape and Personality

Custom design celebrates the differences we all are blessed with, so this world could be as exciting as it is. Our bodies come in all kinds of unique shapes  and so they deserve individual attention and wardrobe. At least, that’s what I think.


Purple Chocolate Dress – Sunera design- Order your own custom made version.

The Unique YOU reflected in Your Wardrobe.

How many times you have walked into a store looking for the perfect dress, top…found something you like and said to your self :”I wish this dress was different color ,tiny bit shorter, would fit me better up top and was just a bit more unique so it would fit my fun and sassy personality. Then it would be perfect! ” Yeah, I’ve done that many times over and over again. Being a girl is a wonderful thing when You can find clothes that fits You and is fun to wear. And even if you manage to find something pretty close to perfection, sometimes the unthinkable happens and you get to the party where the same dress has already arrived earlier.

Custom Design is a great solution.You can have anything you want, in any color you want, whatever size and height you are. Sky is the limit ! Women come in all kinds of sizes and shapes and fashion world will forever be inspired by this diversity. It was the inspiration for creating Sunera.


Baby Goes Blue Corset – reworked vintage piece.

I found a this beautiful, azure blue vintage dress shirt, cut it up and gave it new shape- sexy corset. I added fuchsia pink lace and this is the final outcome of the creative process. I have to say, this one is so much fun to wear.

Do you think you (or your mom, grandma…) own a piece of clothing that has the potential to become something amazing ?

Let me know and together we can design something fun. Price varies depending on complexity of each project.

Benefits of Custom Design.


Each piece is designed to be fun and unique using new or vintage materials, buttons, lace ( I love lace! ) interesting prints and cuts in order to express different moods that women go through every day. All that is put together with one intention in mind- So you can look and feel “like a million bucks”. Custom designed wardrobe has many benefits:

  • You are guaranteed The Perfect Fit , what ever shape you are, that really flatters your body type.
  • Custom designed pieces are Unique and One Of a Kind, so there will be no wondering whether there will be a girl wearing the same dress at the party you are attending. And that’s a good thing!
  • You can very Accurately Express Who You Are without saying anything. Align your style with your personality perfectly.

My clothes and accessories has always been another extension of me as a person. It can be used as a very accurate way of saying who we are and how we feel with out using words. Just imagine how long a girl takes to get ready for a first date hoping to send the right message out. For eveeeeeeeeer! I mean the girlie girl (the one that does the make up, the hair, the perfect dress, the shoes, the bag……the whole thing .You know what I mean).

Looking good is important !

LOL dress-custom design

LOL dress -this is a great example how you can repurpose your old, forgotten clothes. Keep the elements of your unused wardrobe and let go of the rest.

I grew up in East Europe and looking good and polished is a way of living there. It is important to me that I look good, because when I look good I feel good. And there is nothing more important in life than feeling good as much as we can. Its the healthy and easy way of being.


Blueberry top – I love combination of these colors – so happy and bright, great with a pair of jeans.

When we have this glow and confidence about our selves and we feel good, it is like a good luck charm that we carry with us wherever we go. It attracts good thing, people and experiences into our lives with less effort.

Reworking Vintage as a New green trend

The process of custom designing for women is just so much fun. Its very personal and creative and I like to go as far as my clients allow me to go on their journey to discover their girlie, sexy or elegant side. Its always full of surprises and challenges while making the unknown known.Reworked Vintage dress-Sunera design There is no rules except making sure you look and feel amazing. My inspirations come from many places. It could be a movie, beautiful vintage dress that I found while shopping on Main street or a button. I love getting lost in the fabric stores overwhelmed by colors and textures or browsing vintage stores. Reworking vintage pieces is my favorite. It combines my two passions-fashion and recycling. Its a fun way of being green.


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