About Erika



My name is Erika Dolnackova and I m a founder of Sunera. About 5 years ago I started to design clothes for myself as I had a hard time to find clothes for me that fits (I am extra small. I m not complaining, I love my body but it can be difficult to find clothes for me).Please, see my portfolio on my website.

I always liked my clothes and accessories to be unique and feminine. I guess it goes back to being European and an artistic person. So having my own clothing line was the perfect solution and luckily I had many other ladies in Vancouver appreciating my designs and sense of style. One thing let to another and I have finally decided to create a Style-Coaching (aka image consulting) company to share my passion for fashion and knowledge that I have about clothing and body image. Styling is something that comes very naturally to me and it makes me incredibly happy to make other women feel good about themselves inside out.

Creating theĀ ConfidenceĀ from whit-in

I have also recently began my Life-coaching practice and I use many life-coaching techniques in the process of creating new fresh style for my clients. It helps to create more profound results while bettering the understanding of body talk -the source of true confidence for many people. This interesting combination of Image consulting and Life-coaching makes Sunera a very unique company offering Style Coaching, Custom Fashion Design as well as Style and Wellness coaching Workshops ans Seminars. I am experiencing great results with my clients using this approach and the part I am really happy about is how my clients receive this approach. The better we understand our selves and our relationship with our bodies and image, the better we can communicate who we are and what we want to say using our wardrobe.I believe your closet can be a great tool to help you reach your goals in life (personal or professional) much faster.I have seen the proof many times over.

Confidence is created within and the clothes just compliments the beauty that’s already there to allow us to truly shine.

Sunera clients learn how to develop new appreciation and love for their body shape through newly found personal style and well organized, purposefully put together and fun, feminine wardrobe.