Closet Detox

Cut the clutter and Detox your Closet as well as Your Life. We all have emotional attachments to the things we own representing our past, whatever it is, clothes especially. The thing is, you should love who you are now because that’s all there ever really is. It’s time to learn to adore the present you. Do it with your wardrobe! You will never go back once you will realize just how beautiful you are. Little Style Coaching will go a long way.

Life is constant growth and change. Out with the old, in with the new you!

Closet with Purpose

How well is your wardrobe serving you and your goals and dreams in life? Many women feel frustrated and uninspired every morning trying to get ready for their day. This is unnecessary stress that you can avoid. You can create wardrobe you truly desire and enjoy your mornings once again.

Live Your Life – Goddess Style

Be the woman you were alway meant to be – Happy, Confidant and Irresistible !

What my clients are saying

Excellent experience! I found Erica genuinely interested and understanding of my lifestyle and the look I want to achieve.
Erica’s advice was very helpful with regards to analyzing the items in my wardrobe and also how to wear them in the future. Lucia Oskerova, Vancouver, BC

– Lucia Oskerova, Vancouver, BC